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I Know Your Enemy

There’s some real truth to the old axiom, “You need to know your enemy.”

As a former prosecutor, I have the unique advantage of knowing what both sides of the law are going to do in order to have a person convicted or acquitted. By knowing the tricks law enforcement is going to use, I can better protect my client by taking proactive steps to advocate for their best interests.

A Criminal Defense Attorney With a Prosecutor’s Experience

If you are charged with a crime, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights. Attorney Brent Mayr has years of experience as a criminal prosecutor, and therefore knows what steps to take to help your case. Call Brent Mayr today at 713-808-9613 for a free initial consultation.



Brent Mayr: There’s some real truth to the old axiom that you need to know your enemy. Having been a former prosecutor and seeing things from the other side, you know what the government, the state, is going to be trying to do to your client. You know what they’re going to be trying to do, how they’re going to be trying to bend the law, how they’re going to be trying to gather evidence from you.

I know all the tricks that they keep in their book, so by knowing all of that I can use that knowledge to protect my clients. I know what tricks they’re going to use. I know how they’re going to look at things. By being able to have that sort of foresight, I can take proactive steps to protect my clients and to advocate for them and their best interests.