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Experience in Both State and Federal Court

I represent individuals charged with simple possession all the way up to more serious offenses such different types of narcotic possession.

Simple possession offenses are usually handled in state court. A Houston drug crime attorney must be familiar with state law and procedures to handle such a case.

The federal court will handle more serious offenses, such as conspiracy to distribute or manufacturer drugs, or possession of large quantities of drugs.

A Knowledgeable Drug Crime Attorney

Attorney Brent Mayr has defended drug crime cases both in state and federal court, and he can help you with your drug crime case. Call Brent Mayr today at 713-808-9613 for a free initial consultation.



Brent Mayr: When it comes to drug crimes you can have offenses, where I represent individuals charged with simple possession all the way up to distribution of different types of narcotics offenses. Simple possession offenses are normally going to be handled in state court and require an extensive knowledge of state criminal law and its procedures. Federal law is going to involve a much larger scale type of drug cases, conspiracy to distribute drugs, conspiracies to manufacture drugs, possession of large quantities of drugs are going to be dealt with in federal court and again requires an entirely separate knowledge of federal law and criminal procedure in regard to those types of offenses.

I have represented individuals with charge all across the spectrum, state and federal courts, simple possession to large scale drug distribution rings.