Indecency with Child by Contact—Harris County

No Billed

A vengeful ex wife and a family willing to conspire with her resulted in J.J. being charged with indecency with a child in a city and county he didn’t even live in. J.J.’s ex-wife conspired with her niece who was a minor to accuse J.J. of touching her all in an effort to keep Jesse away from his two daughters who primarily resided with him after a judge awarded him primary custody.

Sierra Tabone, however, was able to uncover the lies after a thorough investigation of the allegations. Using Facebook photos, CPS records, and making calls to the hotel the touching allegedly occurred at, it was clear that the allegations were not possible and were clearly fabricated. She prepared a presentation for the grand jury and was able to provide them the needed evidence to agree with her findings and return a no bill for J.J..


Sierra Tabone Demonstrates to Grand Jury that Client Indecency with Child Charges Fabricated