Abogado de Crimen Federal

Abogado de Crimen Federal

What is a Federal crime?

A federal crime is defined as any offense that violates federal laws of the United States. Unlike local or state offenses, federal crimes have a greater scope that transcends local communities and comes to affect the national interest. Federal crimes are handled by federal prosecutors, also known as US Attorneys, and the penalties are more severe than those granted by state courts. Most federal offenses relating to one of the following three categories:

  • Drugs (drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, manufacture)
  • Economic Offenses (Crimes of “white collar” fraud, tax evasion)
  • Immigration offenses

Be investigated by a federal crime can have devastating effects that may result in life imprisonment sentences and even the death penalty in certain states. Brent Mayr is a lawyer specializing in criminal law, certified by the Board of Legal Specialization in Texas. Brent Mayr fight aggressively to protect you from federal implications, using his years of experience as previous fiscal, and his great knowledge in the field. Brent Mayr today call our office in Houston, Texas by dialing (713) 808-9613 or contact us online.

What is the penalty for a federal crime?

Since federal crimes violate federal law, which gives a higher level of relevance that state legislation Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, the penalties are more severe with little opportunity for parole. The penalties for a federal crime vary depending on the type of offense, the value associated with it, the number of individuals involved, and the damage caused. Continuation rules are set by federal prosecutors and congressional legislation. In many federal defense, federal prosecutors made mandatory minimum meet at least 10 years in prison, which can become life sentences and executions. Only a competent and specialized lawyers in federal crime as Brent Mayr can eliminate or reduce the penalties awarded to an individual accused of criminal charges.

If you or a loved one is being investigated for a federal crime, it is imperative that you seek legal representation. This information is presented for general information only, and content presented here does not replace the legal advice of a lawyer.

Why should I contact if I suspect Brent Mayr be investigated for a criminal offense?

There are a variety of offenses that qualify as federal crimes and all put in danger the security or the economy of the government and people of the United States. For this reason, the federal court zealously pursues individuals suspected of a criminal offense, and collect as much evidence as possible to use against the suspect. What you think is a normal and innocent transaction, it may be evidence or evidence that the government will use against you.

It is imperative to contact a lawyer of federal crime because often federal agents to gather evidence to use against him, also violate their constitutional rights that protect you from being registered and investigated without reason. You need a lawyer who can make the law work for you, by assessing where and how law enforcement officials have violated their rights. Brent Mayr is an experienced lawyer and tax specialist prior to federal offenses, and is ready to represent their rights and options maintaining priority.

When it comes to being investigated for a criminal offense, obtain competent legal representation can not wait. Contact Attorney Certified by the Board of Legal Specialization in Texas, Brent Mayr, by calling (713) 808-9613 or contact us online.

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