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Penalties for Medicare and Medicaid fraud vary depending on the amount of fraud involved. Other factors include the number of individuals involved; if several people were committing the fraud together, they may face conspiracy charges on top of the fraud charges. Harsher penalties will fall upon individuals who played a bigger role in the fraud.

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Brent Mayr: The penalties for Medicaid and Medicare fraud are going to vary vastly, mainly dependent upon the amount of fraud involved. When we’re talking about millions of dollars, we’re talking about several substantial penalties of several years in federal prison, 10, 15, 20-year sentences. It’s all going to depend on the amount of the fraud that is involved, and it’s also going to depend on the scale. When more than one individual’s going to be involved, you’re going to have conspiracy charges that carry stricter penalties. Depending on a person’s role in the alleged fraud, that’s going to result in stiffer penalties, harsher prison sentences, as opposed to other individuals that are just receiving services.