Indecency with Child by Contact—208th District Court, Harris County

No Billed

K.L. had always been the quietest member of the family at their large gatherings and known by all to be nothing but a kind and caring member of the family. It was truly shocking to K.L., his parents, and siblings when he was notified by law enforcement that his aunt and cousin were accusing him of touching his cousin. He was just out of high school terrified of how this false allegation would impact his future.

K.L. and his parents reached out immediately to Sierra Tabone to guide them through the entire process starting with the warrant and defend him against the allegations they knew to be false. Sierra was able to work with the K.L. and his family to get all the needed information regarding the side of the family that made the allegations. After wading through a lengthy CPS investigation and comparing their report to that of law enforcement, it was clear that this allegation was the sad result of a mentally unstable and suicidal teenage girl. Sierra was able to show the grand jury through her presentation that K.L.’s aunt had admitted in family discussions that her daughter had serious mental health concerns and a habit of lying to deflect from her behavior that had not been addressed. The allegations toward K.L. were the girl’s way of deflecting from her latest behavior outburst. The grand jury agreed that the allegations were baseless and returned a no bill in K.L.’s case.

No Bill Returned in Indecency With Child Case After Sierra Tabone Proves Allegations Baseless