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Public Scrutiny Can Hurt Your Case

When a person faces a criminal charge, they face many obstacles and hardships. Dealing with the criminal justice system, going to court, and facing a judge are all extremely difficult acts.

When you add public scrutiny, it becomes even more important to hire an experienced attorney who will promote your best interests in the media.

Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

A knowledgeable Houston criminal defense attorney who can tell your side of the story to the media is crucial if you are involved in a high profile criminal case. Attorney Brent Mayr has tried numerous high profile cases, and he can help you, too. Call 713-808-9613 for a free initial consultation.



Brent Mayr: There’s so many things that a person faces when they have a criminal charge. Just having to deal with the criminal justice system, going to court, facing a judge, dealing with a prosecutor is extremely difficult. When you throw in that added equation of having the public scrutiny, it becomes even more important that you have someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in that area. There’s an ethical component, but there’s also a component where you’re an advocate for the client. You have to know how to talk with the media and play by the rules, but at the same time, you’ve got to understand that your client’s best interest is what’s most important.

Being able to promote that interest in the media is going to be really important, especially when it comes to a case where there’s negative publicity from the very outset. It’s important that you have a lawyer that’s going to know how to deflect, that’s going to have good relationships with individuals in the media so that you can say look, here’s the other side of the story, and put it in a way where the media is going to want to know that other side of the story.