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Any time you feel you are being investigated for a criminal charge, you should immediately contact an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney.

When law enforcement officially charges an individual with a crime, it becomes more difficult to collect evidence. Therefore, law enforcement often works to collect evidence prior to actually charging the suspect.

If you have even the slightest suspicion that law enforcement is investigating you, contact Attorney Brent Mayr. He will help you protect yourself and any evidence from law enforcement to prevent any charges from ever being filed. Call Brent at (713) 808-9613 for a consultation.


Brent Mayr: Any time you suspect that you are being investigated for a criminal offense is the most critical moment when a person needs to have a good criminal offense attorney like myself representing them. Law enforcement becomes hampered once a person is charged. Law enforcement’s ability to gather evidence against an individual is severely hampered when they charge that person, and for that reason, law enforcement will sometimes wait and try to gather evidence before they charge someone. Sometimes just having a suspicion of an investigation can be in that person’s best interests because it gives them the opportunity to say, “Hey, I need someone like Brent Mayr to represent me on something like this.”