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I Know What Steps Need to be Taken

As a former head of the vehicular crime section for the Harris County District Attorney’s office, I spent a large part of my career prosecuting DWIs and other vehicular manslaughter cases. I’ve worked with law enforcement, even at the scene of the accident.

Now as a defense attorney, I can use the knowledge gained through years of experience to help my clients the moment an accident occurs. I know how to take the necessary steps to protect my client and keep them from facing harsher consequences for vehicular crimes.

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Brent Mayr: I was the former head of the vehicular crimes section for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. In addition to that, I spent a large amount of my career as a prosecutor prosecuting DWIs and criminally negligent homicides and manslaughters and vehicular manslaughter cases. In doing that, I was able to look at these cases from pretty much every single aspect from investigation to the filing of charges to preparing cases for trial and actually trying these cases.

I worked with law enforcement. I worked with the officers. I had the unique experience of actually going out to the scenes of these accidents right after they occurred because right at that very moment, evidence is being gathered against the individual.

As a former prosecutor and having worked with law enforcement on those types of cases, I can now as a defense attorney use that knowledge to protect an individual the moment an accident occurs. Knowing what steps need to be taken to preserve evidence, to gather evidence that benefits the client because that’s the thing. On those types of cases, they’re out there trying to gather as much evidence to prosecute, convict and lock someone up.

Knowing what they’re doing, I can use those same tools to gather evidence to protect that individual and to keep them from facing harsh prison time, from having to face other consequences that can come from those types of cases.