Delma Flores-Smith had her entire life put on hold. Back in 2013, she was hired as superintendent of Hempstead Independent School District, brought in to help clean up a school district that was in shambles.  She went to work, identifying multiple problems and developing effective solutions. Unfortunately, her work drew the ire of many in the community who did not appreciate her methods and preferred to “leave things the way they be.”

Delma’s actions drew national attention when she took punitive action against one of her school’s principals for announcing on the school intercom that students were prohibited from speaking Spanish on school grounds (

Within time, members of the Waller County community made it their mission to get rid of her. When their efforts proved futile, they went to the Waller County District Attorney and asked him to bring her up on criminal charges. His investigation turned up nothing.  Nevertheless, one persistent opponent insisted that Delma violated open records law and presented her case to a Waller County Grand Jury. The next thing you knew, Delma found herself charged with three counts of Tampering with a Government Document.

It was alleged that, upon request for information, she broke the law when she provided her current resume, as opposed to the one she gave to the school district when she applied with the district, one that was supposed to have been on file.

Fortunately, Delma made the decision to bring on Brent Mayr to defend her against the charges. Even more fortunate was the fact that Mayr had the receptive ear of the Waller County District Attorney and his staff. He went to work gathering records, statements, and other critical pieces of evidence to show that his client was not guilty.

More importantly, he stood up for Delma, balking at efforts to force her into a plea bargain. When the dust settled, after considering the “rest of the story” presented by Mayr, the DA agreed to dismiss the charges (

As Mayr told reporters, “It has been a long and difficult journey but I am pleased that the Waller County DA and his staff kept an open mind.  My client is ready to move on with her life and bring positive change to other school districts.  She truly cares about the education of her students.”