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An Attorney Who is Well Versed in All Aspects of Criminal Law

Board certification involves several components. You must show you are experienced by trying a certain number of cases in state, federal, trial, and appellate courts.

You must also take an extensive exam to prove you are knowledgeable in the many areas of criminal law.

You Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to your criminal defense, you need an attorney who is both experienced and knowledgeable. Brent Mayr is a board certified criminal defense attorney in Houston and he can help protect your rights. Call 713-808-9613 for a free initial consultation.



Brent Mayr: Board certification really involves a lot of different components. First of all, you have to show that you’re experienced. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization is going to require, in order to be board certified, that you have tried a certain number of cases in state and in federal court, in trial courts and in appellate courts. That’s one of the main components of being board certified.

The other main component is being knowledgeable in these areas. Criminal law is extremely vast compared to other areas of the law, especially because you’ve got state law and you’ve got federal law and they have a lot of differences.

One of the things that you have to do in order to become board certified is take a very extensive, detailed exam that tests you on all areas of criminal law in order to become board certified.

Those are really the two main components of becoming board certified.