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Knowing the Case is Critical

I’ve represented individuals charged with a variety of white collar crimes, ranging from conspiracy to fraud.

It is critical to learn as much about the case as possible when representing someone who is charged with a white collar crime. Often, law enforcement investigates an individual and builds a case before making an arrest.

This is why an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney is critical to your case. You need an attorney who will “get his hands dirty” combing through evidence to protect you.

Hire an Attorney Who Will Fight for You

Attorney Brent Mayr’s experience as a prosecutor means he knows what law enforcement will do to collect evidence in a white collar crime investigation. He can help protect your rights. Call Brent Mayr today at 713-808-9613 for a free initial consultation.



Brent Mayr: I have represented individuals charged with a variety of white-collar crimes, including conspiracy type offenses, wire fraud offenses and just general theft, mail fraud offenses. The biggest difficulty with those white-collar crime cases is really playing catch-up, trying to learn as much about, what is taking place in a shorter period of time is critical, when representing any sort of individual or company that is charged with a white-collar offense. The government again has been probably, usually has been looking at someone for a long time and you need someone that’s going to really be able to get their hands dirty going through lot of documents, talking with a lot of witnesses to find out as much as possible, so that I can properly represent the client.